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HI THERE. My Name is Karl and I’m a coffee obsessed image making junkie, I’m addicted to picture taking and storytelling and have been for over 20 years, I’m based in Nottingham, UK – though my work has taken me across the globe.

I’ve been into photography since I was a beach blonde 6-year-old constantly in trouble for making off with the family camera until my father bought me my own, although I wasn’t allowed many rolls of film as I would take pictures of anything and everything. I still shoot a mixture of 35mm film, Polaroid and Digital cameras, does that make me old or unique…. Hopefully unique.

When I’m not photographing weddings you will find me wandering over them there hills with my dogs, obviously with a camera (never leave home without one) or I could be adding to my ever increasing collection of old antique cameras or simply finding a bit of peace with some nice music and pottering around in my garden.

On a side note, I’ve spent 3 days trying to write a professional bio, but I just kept rolling my eyes at myself and eventually decided to be a bit more authentic as I’m sure most don’t want to hear about my many UK photographer of the year accolades or being one of a handful to of been awarded a Fellowship with the British institute professional photographers or having achieved masters status with the Guild of Photographers. That’s just smoke blowing up orifices…haha

Anyway, I’m super glad we found each other and really hope we can be friends! My clients aren’t just my clients, they are my friends this is how to get the best pictures of people in front of my camera.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to check my availability for your wedding, talk about whippets or terriers, or just wanted to chat to someone about how excited you are to be planning your wedding. Whoop Whoop! 


Back light wedding image Finch's arms Rutland by Karl Bratby

“I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful photos of Julia & Charles Wedding!”

Colleen & Cid Cugini

“From the moment we met Karl we knew that he was the person to photograph our wedding.”

Hannah & Andrew

“Karl instantly made us feel relaxed during the pre shoot and before we new it the nerves turned into excitement”

Lucy & Ben

Karl Bratby Photography

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