Aug 6, 2016

Walled garden at Beeston fields wedding.

A wedding at The walled garden at Beeston fields, before I went to this amazing place for the 1st time (to shoot a wedding) I was a little unsure as I remember the place from when i was growing up in the area to be a run down, over grown wreck of a place we used to hang out like teenagers do, to turn up there in its infancy after the conversion was quite miraculous and have to hand it to the owners of Besston fields golf course for doing i great job on its restoration.

My bride and groom were both incredibly young, part of the duo was very very nervous, that would be Phil, typical British reserve. Then you meet the vivacious Jody, from California and her amazing yet slightly crazy family and the party began. Endless energy this wedding had, it was a short one for me but we had the perfect weather to capture some amazing wedding images.





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